Sadaqah Foundation Established as a non-government organisation in 1981, Sadaqah Foundation was founded by a group of distinguished social workers eager to support national development efforts in Bangladesh. Commencing operation with a relief, rehabilitation and financial assistance programme for rural women, Sadaqah Foundation developed a traditional focus on rural sector development, targeting, in particular, women. Since that time, through innovation, dedication and hard work, Sadaqah Foundation has been able to progress and diversify; to become a national-level NGO active across the country and in many development areas. Today, Sadaqah Foundation has thousands of employees and is able to mobilise many more volunteers to achieve development goals; from the isolated islands of the Bay of Bengal to poverty-stSadaqah Foundationken neighbourhoods in the heart of the capital city, Sadaqah Foundation has established a solid reputation based on the achievement of tangible development outcomes. Working together with minority ethnic groups, working children and their guardians, the poor, the landless or the elderly, to name a few of the groups our projects have assisted; and through the formation of strategic alliances and partnerships with all levels of government, donor agencies, other NGOs and stakeholders, Sadaqah Foundation has been able to realise its goal of facilitating development for Bangladesh and Bangladeshis.